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Mini {DNF} Reviews: Fifteen Minutes, Airel

Because life's too short and there are way too many books to force yourself through books you don't want to read. While I don't usually review DNF's, these are just a couple of the review books that I've ended up putting down. These won't be actual review, per se, but just my initial thoughts and the reasons I put them down.

Title: Fifteen Minutes
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Rating: DNF at 50 pages
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Received via NetGalley, but also purchased it myself

Overnight, Zack is the nation’s most popular contestant, a country singer with the looks and voice of a young Elvis. As his star rises, Zack is asked to compromise and quiet his beliefs, and also something more. Just as America is falling in love with Zack, just as he’s on the verge of winning it all, his choices lead him to the brink of personal disaster.At the same time, Reese Weatherly, a therapeutic horse instructor, is no longer sure about her relationship with Zack, or the wedding they had dreamed about. While Zack advances from one round of the competition to the next, an offer comes to Reese--one that will take her to a home halfway around the world.
Then Chandra Olson--reigning diva pop star and one of the Fifteen Minutes judges--intervenes. Chandra has suffered so much public pain and private agony since her days as a Fifteen Minutes contestant. Now she wants just one thing: meaning.
Can Chandra's private losses help Zack find his way, or will his fifteen minutes of fame cause him to lose the life he once loved? Fifteen Minutes is a story of character, compromise, and the cost of having it all. A story that raises the question: Who are the real winners?

Last year, I was on a huge Karen Kingsbury kick. I read so many of her books. In fact, this was one of my very first NG requests. And I actually bought the book, that's how much I love Karen Kingsbury. This DNF may be in part because I was just burned out on her books by this point, although I did try picking it up again recently and couldn't get into it. Some might say 50 pages may not be enough of a chance, but it was all I could struggle through.

Honestly, this book was not the same quality that I have come to expect from Karen Kingsbury. I loved the concept of this, as it is something that we can relate to in these days, but it just didn't work. I know that Kingsbury's books are filled with a lot of instances that just happen to work out perfectly, but there was something about this one that just worked out too perfect. I realize that I hadn't yet gotten to when things start to fall apart, but that's how I felt.

Basically, this just couldn't hold my attention. I felt the writing quality was not up to par with her other works (and I've read a lot of Karen Kingsbury). I hope to someday revisit this one and actually finish it, but maybe not anytime soon.

Karen Kingsbury:

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Title: Airel
Author: Aaron Patterson with Chris White
Rating: DNF at 30%
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Received via NetGalley

All Airel ever wanted was to be normal, to disappear into the crowd. But bloodlines can produce surprises, like an incredible ability to heal. Then there’s Michael Alexander, the new guy in school, who is impossibly gorgeous…and captivated by her. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she can hear the sound of pages turning, and another, older story being written. It is the story of an ancient family, of great warriors, of the Sword of Light, and the struggle against an evil so terrible, so far-reaching, that it threatens everything. Airel knew change would be an inevitable part of life. But can she hold on when murder and darkness begin to close in and take away everything she loves? Will she have what it takes when the truth is finally revealed?

I've been wanting to read this one for years, since it was first released in 2011. So when I saw that they were re-releasing it and that it was on NG, I snatched it up (er, clicked the Request button really quickly and went pleasepleaseplease). But alas, it was just not for me.

I wanted to give it more than just 30%, but I just could not do it. First, the writing. It was over simplified. I couldn't stand the main character. I just couldn't stand reading it in general because of the writing style. It was hard for me to get through. 

I couldn't connect with any of the main characters, especially our MC. She spends about half the time talking about how she isn't one of those girls that gets all boy crazy. But like, from the first chapter, that's exactly what she is. 

And, like, the insta-love. Ohmygosh, the insta-love. This was one of the worst cases I've ever read. I mean, she has barely yet to meet him, but it must be fate because it's like he can see into her soul. What?

I hate to say it, but this just wasn't the book for me. It might be for you, but I just could not do it.

Aaron Patterson:

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  1. That's always disappointing when you don't love a book that an author you love has written. Sorry you didn't like these, but I'm glad you don't waste your time on books you don't like! I'm getting better at doing this, though it still is taking some getting used to!

    Cassie @ Happy Book Lovers