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Freak of Nature {by Julia Crane}

Title: Freak of Nature
Author: Julia Crane
Series: IFICS #1
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Donate Body to Science. Check.When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she’d have her life–and her body–stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotions and a human mind. If the scientists who made her find out, they’ll erase what remains of who she was.
Kaitlyn finds an unlikely ally in Lucas, a handsome, brilliant scientist who can’t get over the guilt he feels knowing she was once a vibrant, beautiful young woman. He never expected a science project to affect him the way she does. As he tries to help her rediscover her past, he finds himself falling for the brave girl struggling to find her place and acceptance between the human and computer worlds.

This was an interesting concept. I mean, a human turned part robot? I was definitely intrigued. And while this was still fairly interesting, it wasn't quite what I had hoped for, and I was felt feeling a little disappointed in the execution of such an amazing concept.

Kaitlyn had chosen to donate her body to science, not thinking that she would die at seventeen, or that "science" would choose to turn her into a cyborg. But when she wakes up after the accident, that's what she is. The company and the people who made her stripped her of all her own feelings and emotions...except that it didn't really work. Kaitlyn can still think for herself, and has feelings--especially for cute scientist, Lucas. But if she lets them know that she has still retained her personality, they would take it away. So, she hides it.

I was left feeling like so much more could be done with this concept than just the romance aspect of it. Kaitlyn finds herself falling for Lucas, but she doesn't even know what that means, really. Nor can she let him know, because he's one of the scientists. Lucas finds himself falling for Kaitlyn, but she's a robot. She has no feelings, or humanity. Or so he thought.

I mean, I can kind of understand the romance, but at the same time, I couldn't. At least on Lucas's part. I mean, the only thing he could say about her was that she was beautiful. Like, that doesn't build a relationship. Then, the other parts of her that I suppose attracted him to her, like her intelligence and amazing combat abilities, weren't her. They were the computer inside of her. I can understand a relationship building after he realized she still had thoughts and feelings and emotions, but I didn't like the basis of this relationship.

As far as the characters themselves, I couldn't really connect with any of them. I mean, obviously Kaitlyn's part cyborg, but even beyond that. Any personal issues that were brought up, such as their pasts, seemed out of place. There was no connection to any of the characters, and I found that I couldn't really bring myself to care about them. However, I did like some of the decisions Kaitlyn made at the end, and for this reason might consider reading the second one.

This does bring up interesting questions of humanity, and how far one can go to remove it. It did keep my interest, which is saying something. And I did enjoy it well enough. But ultimately, I felt let down by a story that could have been so much more.

I received an ecopy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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