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The Broken Hearts' Society of Suite 17C {by Leigh Ann Kopans}

Suite 17C
Title: The Broken Hearts' Society of Suite 17C
Author: Leigh Ann Kopans
Genre: NA Contemporary
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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Friends don’t let friends make the same horrible relationship mistakes twice.
Rion, Amy, and Arielle, the three occupants of first-year dorm Harrison Tower’s Suite 17C have never met before the first day of school, but they soon discover they have one thing in common – being on the wrong end of an epically awful breakup.
Heartbreak sucks, especially when the girls should have seen the trouble coming from a mile away. But there’s no better time than the beginning of college to take charge of your own love life, and nobody better than a roommate to keep you accountable. Over ice cream and pizza their first week, the girls vow never again to date anyone like the assholes who ripped their hearts out and smeared them across the quad.
And that's how the Broken Hearts’ Society of Suite 17C is born.
Now, if only Crash, the tattooed, pierced, and probably stoned guy who works at Rion’s newest job, wasn’t so damn sexy and sweet...
If only Matt, the thoughtful and driven pastor’s kid, would quit being so okay with just being Amy’s friend…
If only Lauren, the innocent California girl with her own set of issues, would stop finishing Arielle’s sentences and invading her dreams…
it would be a lot easier for the girls to keep their promises to the Society and to themselves.
If only.

Leigh Ann Kopans has done it again. You guys know how much I love, love her books, Solving for Ex and First World Problems. I was SO excited when I heard about this one. And it did not disappoint.

Rion, Amy, and Arielle are strangers until their first day of college where they find themselves to be roommates. They all are coming off of or experience within the first few days a heartbreak, and decide to form a secret society: The Broken Hearts' Society of Suite 17C. They decide to hold each other accountable, to prevent the same heartbreak from happening over again. I loved all three of these characters. They were each so different, fleshed out, and complex. Sometimes multiple POV's don't work out, but this one did. They didn't run together. Each one was separate, complex, and different.

In the same way, each of their love interests were different and unique. The characters were all diverse, coming from so many different backgrounds. I'm not even sure I could pick a favorite, because I loved them all.

Rion always goes for the bad guys, so this time she is determined not to. Except Crash, who has all the looks of a bad boy, is insistent that he isn't. I think Rion may rub some people the wrong way. She isn't the easiest to like. But I liked her. There were some times when I felt she took things too far, but she's running from a hard past. I love how Crash sees past her crazy and understands why, and it doesn't scare him away and I loved that.

Amy was your stereotypical small-town good church girl. Her high school sweetheart is the pastor's son, and she has her whole life planned out: go to college, become a teacher, marry him. Until he decides not to follow the plan. I think maybe I loved Amy's story the most. All her life, she has been told what to do, and being a good girl, church girl, she has just gone with it. Amy's story follows more of her finding herself, becoming an individual, going against what everyone else wants for her and finding what SHE wants for herself, and I loved that. I think I related to Amy the most. And Matt was just so adorable. From him just being a good friend, to his punny religious shirts.

The only issue I had with Arielle was I felt like she had more chapters, and I just wanted to get back to Amy or Rion's story :P Arielle's goal in the Society is to not fall for a girl who isn't out and proud to be a lesbian. She meets Lauren, who was pretty awesome. There were some moments when I also felt Arielle went too far, but she does realize it, and grows from it.

I loved this story, and how the girls became such good friends, even being so different. Their stories were the perfect balance of together and individual. Each of the girls grows and matures, and it was so great to see. Another perfect story from Leigh Ann Kopans.

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