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Mini Reviews: I Hope You Dance, Love on a Deadline

Title: I Hope You Dance
Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
Series: Year of Weddings Novella #8
Genre: Christian romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
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Grant Nichols is a genius in the kitchen and a klutz on the dance floor. But his friend’s wedding is shaping up to be a shindig the likes of which Kings Meadow has never seen—including dancing. Lots of dancing. Then he learns that a local dance teacher, Skye Foster, is offering dance lessons for the wedding party. The first lesson is free, so what does he have to lose?
A former rodeo queen, Skye Foster teaches children ballet and tap during the day, but with the popularity of ballroom dancing and her own love of Country Swing, she’s been teaching adults in the evenings.
Grant comes from a family of ten siblings. He was the second oldest and believes he's had his fill of little rug rats. He’s happy with his bachelor state, despite the fact that he’s given up his ladies’ man lifestyle. Even he admits to his wilder nature and has been trying to clean up his act, with God's help.
Skye, on the other hand, loves being around kids. She would love to find the right guy and settle down to have half a dozen children of her own.
Grant and Skye are no match on paper. But when they step onto the dance floor, they create a melody all their own

This was probably my least favorite story out of all the ones so far in this "series", which makes me sad because I have previously read and enjoyed books from this author.

I don't know what exactly it was that I didn't like. First, the romance happened way too quick, even for a novella. It was not realistic in any way, and I did not find it cute. Not to mention, Grant wants no kids, and Skye wants a lot, which of course meant a huge conflict when they managed to sit down and actually talk.

The characters just felt flat for me. I wasn't sure what the plot was, or what was supposed to be happening. All in all, this story was just a flop for me. While I'm sure others will find it cute and romantic, I did not.

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Love on a Deadline
Title: Love on a Deadline
Author: Kathryn Springer
Series: Year of Weddings Novella #9
Genre: Christian romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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MacKenzie “Mac” Davis left her hometown of Red Leaf, Wisconsin, to pursue a degree in journalism. But when her dad, the town’s beloved Coach Davis, suffers a mild heart attack, Mac returns home to help out. She takes a job at the weekly newspaper but instead of covering serious topics, her editor wants her to write about social events—like the garden club’s flower show and the historical society’s afternoon tea. Mac knows it’s no way to earn her father’s respect—or the attention of one of the newspapers she hopes will hire her when she leaves Red Leaf.
When Hollis Channing, Mac’s high school nemesis, returns to Red Leaf to marry her celebrity fiancĂ©, the editor asks Mac to cover the big event—and all the festivities leading up to—for the newspaper.
The last thing Mac wants to do is reconnect with the person who made her life miserable when she was a teenager . . . unless it’s spending time with Ethan Channing, the bride’s older brother—and Mac’s first crush.
Mac is no longer the awkward girl who wore the school mascot costume to the Homecoming dance but she realizes something hasn’t changed. Her feelings for Ethan.

I thought this was a fun, cute story. Mac is back in her small town to take care of her father after a heart attack, but she doesn't plan to stay there. Then, her editor asks her to cover the wedding of the girl who made Mac's high school life miserable... which also means spending time with the bride's older brother, and Mac's first crush Ethan.

I will say, the only thing I didn't like was how Mac held this grudge against Ethan for ten years about something he didn't even realize he did. And then when we find out what it is, and the reason for it, it ends up not actually being a big deal. Definitely not worth ten years. Like, come on, grow up. It was high school, you were teenagers, teenagers are dumb.

Anyway, other than that, I liked this story and the surprising little turns that made it deeper and more than just about the budding romance between Mac and Ethan. Hollis has changed, Ethan has changed, and I love how Mac got to get to know them all over again. This was a cute, fun little story and one that I really enjoyed.

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