Tuesday, April 8, 2014

{Birthday Blogaversary Bash} The One Who Obsesses Over Office Supplies

Hey guys! Today, we have Kaitlin from Reading is my Treasure. And while her choice of topic might seem a bit unusual, I think a lot more of us might obsess over this too, once we really think about it.

When RachelMarie first told me the theme of this guest post, I panicked a little. What in the world would I write about? I've never considered myself a "fangirl" and I don't nerd out about much besides books (not enough to write an interesting post). Movies, tv shows, music, hobbies—nothing fit for the theme. Then I thought of the kinds of things that I ask my mom for Christmas . . . it was the perfect thing for this post, though it's not the typical thing to obsess over.

The Office Supply Aisle:  Pens, Notebooks, and Organizational Things

Other than book aisle (if there is one), my favorite store aisles are the the office supplies and the ones near it. There's so many neat things! Paper, pens, pencils, Sharpies, pencil holders, notebooks, sticky notes, desk accessories, calendars, dry erase boards, and all sorts of useful little things like that. I don't think I nerd out over the items themselves as much as all the possibilities that come with the items—what I can write, how I can write, what I can store in it, how it will keep me organized, etc. I love all the things I can do with office supplies and related items.


When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I told her that I would like some new pens. Books and pens, that's what I wanted as presents. I hand write a lot of stuff: lists, reviews, interview questions, plans, outlines, notes, essays, calculations, and sometimes blog posts are usually written in pen first. My thoughts just come out quicker when I'm writing my thoughts out instead of typing them. That said, I've realized that I absolutely love pens (that work).

The purple pen below is my personal favorite! It was my go-to review writing pen before the purple gel ink ran out (that was a really sad day). 


Who doesn't like a good notebook? Well, apparently I do because I have 12 composition books, 8 large notebooks, three small ones, a large notepad, a small notepad, note cards, and of course, sticky notes. I seem to have a thing for paper bound between two covers. 

The two comp books on either end of the row are what I write my reviews in. Most of are nearly empty. I use one of the large notebooks for school and one for book related lists. I use all of the little notebooks and the big notepad for random things, including book notes.

Aw, so adorable, right? I hardly ever use it, though.

Organizational Things

This is the thing that I obsess over the most.

Boxes, people. Boxes. Last Christmas, I said "ooh, boxes! I can use these!" when I discovered that I could use the ones some of the presents came in to store things. The last few times books have arrived in a box instead of a package, I said a similar thing. I use boxes for pretty much everything. There's a box for my lotions/body sprays, two for my socks, six to store/stack books, two for papers, two for decorative plates (plates are a way I organize things, too), a bunch more for miscellaneous items, and a lock box for important papers and objects. 

I also love all sorts of other organizational things. Jewelry boxes are nice, though I rarely use them for jewelry. Desk organizers and those towers with the compartments (both are sort of shown on either side of my comp books above) are also incredibly useful. Old candy boxes—the heart-shaped ones sold around Valentine's Day—are really handy in storing smaller things. For awhile, I used a really nice one to store watercolor and acrylic paints in. Cookie tins, gift bags, makeup boxes, Rubbermaid containers . . . basically, if I can store things inside it, I love it.

See the box that the perfume came in? I like to put my bookmarks in it. ☺

Thank you, RachelMarie for allowing me to share this little obsession of mine during her Birthday Blogaversary Bash! 

And thank YOU, Kaitlin, for that post! I wouldn't have thought it until I read her post, but I DO also obsess over these things. And I'm sure most of us can relate! New pens, pretty notebooks, even if I have no reason for it, I still *need* it. And I may or may not have a slight obsession with cute sticky notes.

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  1. I feel a little relieved that you also obsess over these things a little bit. :D Thanks again for letting me write the post!

    1. Haha, you're not crazy :P Thank YOU for being a part of my blogaversary!