Monday, April 7, 2014

{Birthday Blogaversary Bash} The One Who Has a List

Well, hello! How is your Monday going? I am excited to start off the guest posts with Robin Constantine, author of The Promise of Amazing, who has a list of things she nerds out about. So, without further ado, here she is!

What makes me part of the NerdHerd?

In honor of the one year blogoversary of The NerdHerd Reads, the lovely Rachel Marie invited me to write a post on something I nerd out about.  Since it was really hard to pinpoint just one thing, I decided to make a list!  (Lists are nerdy, aren't they?) So without further ado, and in no particular order - here are five things I nerd out about:

My Dog

Yep, I’m that person who buys those little costumes you see in PetCo.  My dog just about tolerates it – you know, “Okay, yeah, yeah I know I’m adorable but get this off of me.  Now.” He gets a stocking on Christmas, a basket on Easter and a cake for his birthday.  This little bundle of fur brings so much joy to my life.   He’s the perfect writing companion and a decent little foot warmer when it’s cold out.

Walt Disney World

Just the mere mention of the “D” word sets my heart racing.  My morning alarm?  The theme music from Soarin’.  My favorite ride – nope, can’t pick one, I love them ALL.  (But a perfect day would include Tower of Terror and/or Expedition Everest)And it’s so much fun to meet another Disney nerd because the conversation can go for hours. Any time our car crosses under that Walt Disney World sign – the smile on my face is irrepressibly goofy. Mickey shaped food makes life better.


I suppose anything one collects can be considered nerdy, so if that is a qualifier – I am nerdy about snowmen.  Maybe I can trace it back to that Frosty cartoon – the one where that evil magician locks him in the greenhouse and…he…melts.  Yeah, that one scarred me for life.  Maybe my collection is my way of saving the snowpeople.  Or maybe I just think they’re just cute.  Anyhow, I bring them out before Christmas and they hang around through February.   The picture is of a snowlady I made with my daughter one year – obviously not a part of my collection!  Isn’t she pretty?


No matter where I travel, if I see a bookstore, I must go into it.  A search party is usually dispatched if I don’t come out in ten minutes. Ten minutes in a bookstore...HA!   The bookstore in the picture is [words] Bookstore in Maplewood, NJ.   The first place I ever had a reading for The Promise of Amazing!

Holding My Book for the First Time 

There are so many stages that go into writing and publishing a book that by the time the book actually comes out, believe it or not, you feel a little done with it.  At least that’s the way it felt until my editor sent me a hardcover of the book before my release date. There was squee-ing, and grinning and from what I remember some hopping around.  I was so excited I had to tweet about it!!   

Thank you for letting me share what I nerd out about!  

So, what about you?  What do you nerd out about?

Thank you, Robin, for sharing with us. I'm sure some of us nerd out about the same things. I know I definitely am a huge Disnerd, and I think most all of us nerd out in bookstores. Robin has been kind enough to provide a SIGNED copy of The Promise of Amazing, so enter below! And if you missed the Blind Date with a Book giveaway, you should enter that too!

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