Saturday, April 5, 2014

{Birthday Blogaversary Bash} It's Here! ...almost

Hey guys! So, I'm super excited about this. I've never done anything of this sort, so hopefully everything runs as smoothly as it's supposed to. I've been very excited to get everything set and finally share it with you guys, and now I can! What is it, you may ask? (Like you haven't seen me talk about it on Twitter) Well, it's...

This is going to be a ten-day event that starts on (my birthday) April 6 and end on (my blogaversary) April 15. I just wanted to give you guys a run-down of what was going to be happening, and to sort of explain everything to clear up any confusion that might arise.

So here's how it works: Tomorrow, we're going to kick it off with Blind Date with a Book. This might possibly be my favorite part (and huge thanks to Stacee for the idea!). What's going to happen is, there are going to be three different books up for grabs. The catch? You don't get to know what it is. Each book will have some words or phrases that describe the book, and you get to decide am I going to take a chance on this book? Each book will have it's own giveaway widget, and you decide which giveaways you are going to enter. You can just enter the one that interests you, you can enter all three, whatever you want. 

Then, every day from the 7th to the 14th, there will be a guest post from some of the author/blogger friends I have made during my last year in the blogosphere. They're all going to be talking about what they fangirl/nerd out about. While we are all here over the shared obsession over books, I thought it would be fun to branch out and talk about some of the other things we like to obsess about as well. 

Some of the posts will have giveaways with them! Although I'm not going to be telling you beforehand who will be making an appearance, I will be keeping a schedule here of all the posts for easy access, if you want to come and see what has already happened. There will be one widget, and some prizes as well as some new entry options will be added to it as the week goes along. 

And finally, it will all end on the 15th by a post from me. Sure, I'll talk a little bit, but mostly I'll be giving away MORE things to celebrate and thank you guys for being awesome.

So, hope that explains everything, and I'll see you back here tomorrow! :D If there is anything else I can help clear up, please let me know!

the schedule:

April 6- Blind Date with a Book (THREE giveaways!)
April 7- Robin Constantine has a list of things she nerds out about! (giving away a SIGNED copy of The Promise of Amazing!)
April 8- Kaitling obsesses over office supplies!
April 9- Celeste nerds out about candy! (giving away a $25 gift basket to Andy's Candies!)
April 10- Jessica Brooks loves words! (giving away Pity Isn't an Option, If I Speak True, and By Sun and Candlelight!)
April 11- Stacee fangirls about Doctor Who!
April 12- Meredith fangirls about retellings! (giving away an ARC of The Here and Now by Ann Brashares!)
April 13- Jessica nerds out about quotes!
April 15- I talk about THINGS and give away STUFF!

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