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"The Elite" by Kiera Cass

Title: The Elite
Author: Kiera Cass
Series: The Selection #2
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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In America Singer’s world, a bride is chosen for the prince through an elaborate televised competition. In the second book of the Selection series, America is one of only six girls left in the running. But is it Prince Maxon—and life as the queen—she wants? Or is it Aspen, her first love?

NOTE: This review contains brief spoilers of the first book, The Selection. If you have not read it and would like to without knowing what happens, please forgo this review until you have read The Selection. Thank you.

I am quite enjoying this series so far. I love seeing differing opinions on what would make a dystopian society, and because the caste system was so bad in earlier history, it makes for a great setting for Cass's society. It makes the story ten times more believable because the situation was real, and could easily be real again, if it is not still around in some small country somewhere in the world. Also, the rebel attacks on the royal house. Typically in dystopian novels, the higher ups are not touched until the big battle near the end, but the royal family is constantly being attacked and simply trying to survive. It's nice to see them fearful every once in a while.

Being of the average middle class myself, I can relate to the character of America. All her life, her family has struggled to provide for those living in it, and she just wants living to be easier on them. I give her props for not losing that determination for them when she is chosen as a participant in the Selection. All while she's there, she thinks of her family, making sure the money she's paid goes to them.

Her struggles with Aspen and Maxon are to be expected, however. Love triangles are becoming tiresome, and this one is really no different. Aspen broke her heart, and she started to fall for Maxon as Aspen magically showed back up. Heaven forbid she just be able to move on and her only decision to make be whether or not she can wear the crown. No, she has to choose. But she can't, because she's scared. I will applaud her, however, on her decision at the end concerning her feelings about her relationship with Maxon. She may not be sure about Aspen, but at least she's figured out something. Plus, I love Maxon. Aspen needs to go die in a ditch. It would make America's choice a lot easier. Just saying.

Her effort to change things is a bit more commendable. I enjoyed seeing her defy King Clarkson. Though The Elite focuses primarily on America's feelings, or battle between feelings, for Maxon and Aspen, the end seems to promise more attention to actually overthrowing the way the society is set up. We all know America will be queen and will change her country for the better. And if for some reason she doesn't end up with Maxon, she will still be known as the One who changed the world.

As predictable as this series has been, I do recommend it for those of you who enjoy dystopian societies, as well as a stereotypical teenage romance. 

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