Friday, May 3, 2013

"Legacy" and "Spellbound" by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié

Title: Legacy & Spellbound
Authors: Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguié
Series: Wicked, #3 & 4
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Complete text of Legacy and Spellbound in a single volume.
Holly Cathers is not the same person she was almost a year and a half ago. After discovering her connection to an ancient legacy of witches, Holly has accepted her destiny as a descendant of the House of Cahors. She is determined to end an intergenerational feud that has plagued her family for centuries.
Holly will have to overcome unworldly obstacles as she battles to protect her loved ones -- including Jer, a member of the rival House of Deveraux and her one true love. A war of magical proportions is being waged, and Holly is at the center of it all.
Lives will be lost, and sacrifices will have to be made...

These books sucked. How I managed to get through the first two, I have yet to figure out. Just.. God-awful. I'm going to be absolutely truthful in my own PERSONAL OPINION.

It's always sad to come across a piece of literature that's not worth reading. Art is there to be enjoyed, and when you don't enjoy it – when it practically disgusts you – it makes you worry for other art.

What's really sad is that the overall storyline was not a bad idea. I'm all for witches and warlocks and long-lasting family feuds that span hundreds of years after everyone's forgotten why they were fighting. Mainly I'm in it for the magic, but whatever. The way it was written is what turned me off.

There's the line on Holly, her cousins Nicole and Amanda, and the Deverauxs, mainly Jeraud. Holly and her cousins are from one family, and that family does not like the Deverauxs, but of course Holly and Jer have this attraction. Basic Romeo and Juliet stuff. Okay. Then you've got the line of the people that were in Holly's and Jer's shoes from umpteen hundred years ago, in medieval times. It's like a cycle repeating itself, or the spirits of the two forbidden lovers from the past residing in Holly and Jer. Alright, now I've got two sets of times to keep track of. I can do that, right?

NOPE. Not only do you have a million characters to keep up with, no relationships are explained – whether intimate or familial or just friendly – but on top of it all, you barely get two paragraphs before narrators have switched, as well as time frame and totally different plotlines. One thing is going on with one set of people, then another with another set of people, and GAH.

I will say, it's been a while since I stopped reading this book, so not everything is accurate, but there is a reason I didn't finish it. I could not keep up. Plus, style was choppy, and nothing flowed. It would seem like one paragraph would be saying one thing, and the next would be totally out of this time, talking about totally irrelevant things to what I'd just read.

This is a series that I would not recommend. However, you may find that you CAN hang with the authors, and that you like what they do. Feel free to google and research the website or the authors, perhaps get it for yourself. But if you're like me, you probably won't have the patience, and it will end up being the worst way to have spent your hard-earned money for the week.

Hope this helps. Sadly, not every book is worth raving over.

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