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Hello! Today, I'm super excited to be part of the Alienation Blog Tour! You guys know how much I loved Starstruck when I read it, so here we go!

Please take your seat and strap yourself in, as we take you on an intergalactic tour. You will be amazed, entertained, and educated. Maneuver through the cosmos and be astounded at all you see. Hunt down the hidden words that will get you to your final destination where a one-of-a-kind award awaits one lucky traveler.

You are here to celebrate the release of Alienation, book two of the humorous Sci-Fi series, Starstruck.

Sally Webber's dream is coming true: Zander is back and taking her out for a night on the town--on a planet hundreds of light years away from Earth. 
But when an accident separates her from her alien tour guide, she’s thrown into the seedy underbelly of an insane city where nothing is as it seems. Suddenly lost and desperate to get back home, Sally is willing to do anything to get out, even if it means accepting spontaneous marriage proposals, crashing some fancy parties, or joining what appears to be the space mob. 
All she wanted was some decent interstellar pizza, but now it might be the end of the world as evil nanobots and an out of control AI try to take the universe by force, and the only one who can stop them is missing in action. Sally has no choice but to try to stop them herself--if she can stay alive that long.

Pre-order your copy now!

Alienation is the fantastic sequel to the hit sci-fi comedy, Starstruck by S.E.Anderson.


While Meegrans were some of the first to join the Alliance, they still make up a vast minority of the population on the core planets. This is mainly due to the fact that their closely related to spiders, which has an unsettling effect on most human beings.

Just like spiders, Meegrans have 8 appendages, though in an effort to fit into humanoid society, they use two pairs as arms and two as legs. But it is impossible to hide the eight black eyes, or the light coating of hair that covers their entire body.

Meegrans usually live on their home planet of Meegra, though the wealthy or the well employed will sometimes be found on the core planets.  Meegra – oddly enough – is also the only planet to employ an entire race to be their police force. The Fruallux are massive, dog-like beasts, who run an incorruptible justice system. The Meegrans and Fruallux enjoy a symbiotic relationship the Alliance still can’t quite understand.

Sally encounters Tchilla, a dressmaker and award winning designer, on platform six – a swanky shopping center in Da-Duhui. Tchilla weaves her silk into outstanding designs and dresses, and swears that she can dress any creature from any planet. As much as she’d love to return home,  her involvement with the Maakuna family prohibits her from doing so.

Follow this exciting blog tour starting at your first stop UrbanHype101 and if you get lost in cyber space, come back to UrbanHype101 for the tour map. There’s something new to read, see, or hear on each of these stops. Don’t forget to hunt for that special word (ahem -- try journal) and if you find ALL of them, send them to and you could win a signed copy of Alienation and a gift pack of unique swag! This contest is open internationally.

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20th October    Bookish Slytherin

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