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Mini Reviews: Love at Mistletoe Inn, A Brush With Love

Title: Love at Mistletoe Inn
Author: Cindy Kirk
Series: A Year of Weddings Novella #1
Genre: Christian Holiday Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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An owner of a Victorian inn and charming rustic barn is used to creating the perfect setting for other couples’ nuptials. But when she falls head over heels for the new man in her life, will she be prepared to walk down that aisle?

Can I start off by saying that the descriptions for the stories in this collection don't actually describe anything. They're either too vague, or frankly, wrong. I'm not saying that it takes away from the reading experience, but it would be nice to know what I'm going into. But this was a cute little story.

10 years ago, Hope and John skipped their senior prom to get married. Hope immediately regrets it, is assured by the man that performed the ceremony that he will make it so that it never happened, and Hope and John go their separate ways. But 10 years later, Hope finds out that their marriage is actually legal and that she and John are still married. Oh, and guess who just happened to come back to town that day? (See what I mean about wrong synopsis? John was not a new man in her life, at all. In fact, they go way far back.) 

This was a cute story. While I was a bit wary about some parts of it (like the whole reason they couldn't get it annulled which I'm not going to spoil but come one, take a guess). But Hope and John decide to give their marriage a shot before getting divorced. 

I wouldn't say this moved that fast, although it is a novella so I can understand why the timeline was a bit sped up. But they were in love before, so seeing them fall in love again, this time in a more mature way, was cute and sweet. Even in this short amount of time, both characters went through a tremendous amount of growth. I had issues with Hope, but she does change throughout the story.

Although I have to wonder how the two were so dense they couldn't see right through Aunt Verna. I loved the background characters too, and how they added a depth and air of humor to the story. This is definitely a fun, romantic read perfect for the holidays.

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Cindy Kirk:

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Title: A Brush With Love
Author: Rachel Hauck
Series: A Year of Weddings Novella #2
Genre: Christian Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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This hair stylist has adorned many a bride with the perfect bridal tresses. Now, she must overcome her past in order to realize that she, too, can find true love this January.

Ginger was burned in a trailer fire as a young girl. The physical scars--and emotional ones--have stayed with her for her entire life. Now, she is a talented hair dresser. She has a huge wedding to style, when the best man ends up being none other than the guy who stood her up when they mysteriously left town, Tom. After 12 years, Ginger should have put it past her, but she couldn't get over the hurt and rejection of the only guy who has ever paid her any attention.

This one was a little more deep. Ginger has many self-esteem issues. She can't see past her burns, and imagines that others can't either. She can't imagine anyone, especially a man, thinking of her as beautiful. This one was a little more religious, as Tom is a pastor, and Ginger comes to know Jesus.

I loved how this one progressed. Again, it might have been a little fast because the timeline was sped up for it being a novella. But the two rediscovered what they liked about each other all those years ago. They were also able to get to know the people they had become and fall in love all over again.

There was a lot of growth in this one, as Ginger starts to let go some of the thoughts and insecurities that have plagued her for so long. As she starts to understand exactly what happened 12 years ago, she starts to move on and open up to Tom.

I enjoyed this one so much. It was also definitely more emotional (to me) than some of the others in this collection. This was an amazing story, cute and sweet and romantic.

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