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A New Season {by Al and Lisa Robertson}

Title: A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption
Author: Al and Lisa Robertson with Beth Clark
Genre: Christian, nonfiction, memoir
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Alan and Lisa Robertson, members of America's favorite back woods family and the Duck Commander Clan, take on the topic of relationships as they share the secrets that saved their marriage.
Infidelity, deceit, distrust, and shame. Unfortunately, these are recurring themes in many of today's marriages in America, even in the family-values-promoting, Christian-based Robertson family.
With a romance that began in junior high, the couple got off to a rocky start but soon settled into married life and had two baby girls. Alan became a pastor in the church where his family had been members for years. Then, when Lisa had an affair, the heartache and the tension was very public.
But this is not a book about a marriage gone wrong. It is a candid story of rescued love and renewed commitment. After nearly getting divorced, Alan and Lisa came to terms with what went wrong in their marriage and both began the hard work of making it right. Now married for twenty-nine years, Alan and Lisa counsel couples in trouble and speak across the country--openly sharing their hardships, their journey to renewed commitment, and a thriving marriage.

I think I am way too invested in a family whose show I don't even watch, but I've mentioned before how much this family fascinates me. They could choose to live secret and private lives, but instead choose to air even not-so-positive things about their family, in hopes to inspire and bring hope to others.

Al and Lisa have a tough story to tell. But they do so with such openness and honesty. They don't hide, or try to cover up, and I find that inspiring. They started from their childhood, and went through the actions and events that made them into the people they are today. Who thinks that they're going to actually marry the guy that they had a crush on in middle school? But the road they took was not an easy one.

Lisa mentions quite often that the reasons behind some of the bad decisions she ended up making weren't excuses, but just the facts, which I also think is an important thing to realize. They aren't trying to make excuses for anything that happened. They take full responsibility, but also share how these experiences shaped them into the God-fearing, upright people they are today.

This was a brutally honest, compelling story. Al and Lisa have been through a lot, and made a lot of bad decisions in their life. But they share this story to bring hope to others who are struggling, and they definitely inspire.

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