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Prompossible Plans {by Laura Pauling}

Title: Prompossible Plans
Author: Laura Pauling
Series: Prom Impossible, #2
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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Follow Cassidy’s senior year from the perspective of Zeke, Jasper, and Michael as they fight their own battles, make mistakes, and fall in love with the same girl.

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A book from the guys' perspective? Count me in! If you read my review of Prom Impossible, then you know I thought it was SO cute. I loved Cassidy's antics, but I know we were all thinking…what, exactly, were the guys thinking through all of this?? Well, now we get to know! This story spans the same amount of time as Prom Impossible, ending on the same scene (albeit from a different perspective). Zeke takes the first part, Jasper has the middle part of the story, and Michael finishes us off. I actually started this, and then went back to reread Prom Impossible so that all of the events would be fresh in my mind. 

Zeke: This was cute. We know from the reformed bad-boy persona that Cassidy sees that there is way more to this boy than meets the eye. Here, we get to see Zeke's initial thoughts about Cassidy as well as their time together in the Adventure Program. It was an interesting perspective. We truly get to see all sides of Zeke and what he's going through, as well as his backstory. 

Jasper: This one was my favorite. Jasper has so many sides to him, and let's face it, they weren't all positive. I enjoyed getting to see his perspective, on why he agreed to the fake dating with Cassidy etc. We also get to see him interact with his family and little siblings which was adorable. I really liked getting to see Jasper from his own perspective. I just wish we got a few more events from his POV, like when he was being a complete jerk. AND we finally get the story behind the moccasins ;)

Michael: Although Michael was Cassidy's fixed obsession in book 1, we didn't really get to know much about him. Well, he really is a super-geek. I didn't feel that connected to him. I do appreciate getting to know him more and what he was thinking, but I don't know, I couldn't really muster up any sympathy for him. 

All in all, this was a cute and perfect companion to Prom Impossible. I enjoyed getting to see the story through their eyes. Although there were a few events I would have rather seen from a different perspective, it flowed well and I enjoyed it. 

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