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A Most Inconvenient Marriage {by Regina Jennings}
Title: A Most Inconvenient Marriage
Author: Regina Jennings
Genre: Christian historical romance
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Having fled a difficult home life, Civil War nurse Abigail Stuart feels like her only friend in the world is sweet but gravely wounded patient Jeremiah Calhoun. Fearing he won't survive, the Confederate soldier's last wish is that Abigail look after his sickly sister at home. Marry him, return to his horse farm, and it'll be hers. 
Left with few choices, Abigail takes him up on his offer and moves to Missouri after his death, but just as the family learns to accept her, the real Jeremiah Calhoun appears--puzzled to find a confounding woman posing as his wife. Jeremiah is determined to have his life back to how it was before the war, but his own wounds limit what he can do on his own. Still not fully convinced Abigail isn't duping him, he's left with no choice but to let the woman stay and help--not admitting to himself she may provide the healing his entire family needs.

This was a cute, fun story. I don't usually read historical fiction, but I was engaged and engrossed the while way through this one. But the story had its serious moments as well, not all fun and games.

Abigail marries a dying Jeremiah Calhoun, with the promise to take care of his mother and sister. After his death, she journeys to his farm and begins to care for the horses and his ailing sister. That is, until the real Jeremiah Calhoun shows up--definitely not dead. Jeremiah came home after the war as a cripple, his only thoughts being of wooing his love that he left behind, not expecting to find himself supposedly married.

Abigail and Jeremiah butting heads definitely made this a fun read. It was humorous to see them arguing and both being stubborn. Abigail is definitely a strong woman, one that could hold her own. After being run off by her family, she's hurting, but won't let anyone know, her only thoughts of helping others. Jeremiah might seem rude and prickly on the outside, but he has a kind and caring heart. He's lost everything because of the war, and is just trying to do right by his ma and sister.

This book definitely touched on its serious moments, giving perspectives on the Civil War from both sides, and what is was really like after the war, with people still on different sides. It was well-researched and definitely gave the feel for what life was like back them.

This story will definitely keep you entertained. It does not lack for happenings, as something new is always happening to keep your attention, or to keep you smiling. I loved seeing the two of them finally realize how they felt about each other, but not know what to do about it. But our two main characters also grow in the story, showing how much depth there is to their characters.

This was definitely a fun, entertaining read. It took me no time at all to finish, and is the perfect light and fluffy read for when you need something to up your spirits.

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