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Not in the Script {by Amy Finnegan}
Title: Not in the Script
Author: Amy Finnegan
Series: If Only...#3
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Millions of people witnessed Emma Taylor’s first kiss—a kiss that needed twelve takes and four camera angles to get right. After spending nearly all of her teen years performing on cue, Emma wonders if any part of her life is real anymore . . . particularly her relationships.
Jake Elliott’s face is on magazine ads around the world, but his lucrative modeling deals were a poor substitute for what he had to leave behind. Now acting is offering Jake everything he wants: close proximity to home; an opportunity to finally start school; and plenty of time with the smart and irresistible Emma Taylor . . . if she would just give him a chance.
When Jake takes Emma behind the scenes of his real life, she begins to see how genuine he is, but on-set relationships always end badly. Don’t they? Toss in Hollywood’s most notorious heartthrob and a resident diva who may or may not be as evil as she seems, and the production of Coyote Hills heats up in unexpected—and romantic—ways.
This novel in the deliciously fun If Only romance line proves that the best kinds of love stories don’t follow a script.

Ahh guys I loved this one so much. Seriously. I think I've found my new favorite book boyfriend. 
Told you. This book was so much fun. It was cute, and swoony, and flirty, and just gave me all the feels. And I loved every moment of it.
Emma Taylor is a teen actress. She left her home in Arkansas to follow her dream and fame to Hollywood, where she has been pretty successful. Her newest gig? Coyote Hills. Jake Elliot is a model. Known mostly for his shirtless ads, Jake has decided to try something new in acting. His first gig? Coyote Hills. (Do you see where I'm going with this?)

I loved Emma. She has dealt with the fame pretty well, not letting it get through her head, even with her being alone most of the time, since her parents have to take care of her two younger brothers. Except, all of her relationships have been pretty terrible, causing her to swear off relationships with costars. Emma is a pretty strong and level-headed character. But she does grow throughout the story, and I loved seeing that. I loved seeing her come into her own, and who she wants to be, without the influence of a boyfriend, or friends, or even her mother.

And Jake. Let's talk about Jake.
We are not just talking about a hot guy here. Jake was super sweet. I loved his interactions with his mother and how she was a big part of his life, and that he was man enough to admit that. I loved seeing him interact with his friends from back home, and with Emma. How he agreed to go on a date with Emma's best friend, Rachel, even though we all knew by then how he really felt about Emma. Jake was just thrown into this Hollywood world, but he handled it with grace and maturity. And he was just hilarious, honestly. Seriously, so perfect.
But this story wasn't just about the romance. It was about so much more. The life lessons that we learn, watching Emma and Jake struggle through whatever this is that they're feeling. (I will say, there were many a time when I just wanted to push the two together and scream "KISS ALREADY".) The behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood and the industry. Watching all of the cast interact with each other, seeing them all grow (or not). 

But most of all, this book made me laugh. Oh my goodness, did this book made me laugh. I loooved the banter between Jake and Emma, between the other characters. I loved the writing, and how it drew me in to the story, and kept me there with its wit and humor. 

This might be chick-lit, but it was so much more than that. Yes, it was cute and fluffy, but it was also sweet and swoony and all around hilarious. I loved it, and I would definitely recommend it. To anyone. I don't even care who you are. (Just, be warned: Jake is MINE. Back off.)

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