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By Sun and Candlelight {by Jessica L. Brooks}

Title: By Sun and Candlelight [novella]
Author: Jessica L. Brooks
Series: Flora, #1.5
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A threat, a missing book, a traitor, and an attack. Even when you choose the light, things aren't always so black and white when they involve matters of the heart.
Rowan has some decisions to make.
Told in Rowan’s point of view, By Sun and Candlelight (Flora, 1.5) gives you a new view into the characters and daily happenings at Castle Lennox and bridges the gap between If I Speak True (Flora, 1) and Open Thy Heart (Flora, 2)

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Rowannnn! (And by that we all know I mean Briscooooe!) I thought this was a great little novella, told from Rowan's point of view, that really added to the story happening in this series. Now, it doesn't have to be read in order to still understand what happens in the books, but it was nice.

I'm very glad that this was from Rowan's POV, since he is still such a mysterious character. We get to see what he is thinking, how he feels. Rowan is nearly of age, and the heir to the throne. That comes with a lot of responsibilities.

It was nice to see Ambrosia and all its workings from someone who grew up there, as opposed do an outsider (sorry, Dahlia). We get to see how Rowan feels about it, how he is learning to step up to being the leader that his people expect him to be. Although the events that happened are rehashed in Open Thy Heart for Dahlia's benefit, as to not miss out on any plot happenings, it was nice to read the first person account of what actually happened.

And Clementine! Aww. (You have to actually read the story to find out about this.) And yes, more Rowan means more Briscoe ;) (Am I the only one who cares?)

This novella was a sweet little story that gives a deeper insight to Ambrosia and the characters there, especially Rowan. While you don't have to read it, I would definitely recommend it.

Jessica L. Brooks

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