Monday, July 28, 2014

ARC August: I'm In!

ARC August is hosted by Octavia of Read.Sleep.Repeat. If you're interested in joining, head on over to read all about it, and then sign up!

When Octavia first announced ARC August, it timed perfectly with the plans I already had to just read read read through (half of) August. My summer class just ended, and I had three weeks until fall semester. Because class interfered with my blogging/reading over the summer, I had plans to just read alllll the things before school started up again.  Then, last Friday, I decided to go visit my cousins, and so now I leave Thursday for 2 weeks (my family is super-last minute about things). And school starts 4 days after I get back.

BUT even if my goals are now not as lofty as they were, I still will be participating in ARC August. So I won't be able to read as much as I was planning, but I can definitely still read! I'm not holding myself to ARC's necessarily, but review books in general (mainly because the only ones I really need to get to are ones that already came out). 

Goals: I'm actually not entirely sure. At first, I wanted to get my NetGalley ratio up to 100%, which I think is 12 more books. But then I also thought about the digital review copies I had not from NG, because a lot of those are even higher priority. So I think my goal is just going to be 12 review books read and reviewed in August. (Even though that 100% NG ratio sure would have been nice…) Hopefully, I can at least read some more, but that's how many I want to have reviewed. 

I'm not going to post any weekly checkpoints or anything. I'm just going to have one post at the end of the month wrapping everything up. 

Hopefully I can at least make a little dent in my pile!


  1. Double what I'm going for :) Good luck with the goal!

  2. Good luck on the challenge! I'm participating in this one too. :)

  3. 12 is still a HUGE number! Good luck and thanks for signing up! I really hope you make a dent in your pile!!