Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Series Challenge: June Checkpoint

Howwww is this year already half over?? I am not ready for that. With all the reading I did this month, I had plans to read at least two series, but that didn't happen. Only one again. While I do prefer to binge-read series, it must also be turning me off to read them, because I have to have time to read the whole series, and that usually doesn't happen. Oh well. I've got some series that I'm waiting on last books to be released, and then I know I'll read them.

The Outlaw Chronicles by Ted Dekker
I loved this series. Seriously, it was so mind-boggling amazing. Although I didn't review the first two, you can read my review of Hacker here.

June read count: 1
Total Year Completed Count: 5

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