Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Artemis by Andy Weir {DNF Review}

Title: Artemis
Author: Andy Weir
Genre: Science Fiction
source: NetGalley

Jazz Bashara is a criminal.
Well, sort of. Life on Artemis, the first and only city on the moon, is tough if you're not a rich tourist or an eccentric billionaire. So smuggling in the occasional harmless bit of contraband barely counts, right? Not when you've got debts to pay and your job as a porter barely covers the rent.
Everything changes when Jazz sees the chance to commit the perfect crime, with a reward too lucrative to turn down. But pulling off the impossible is just the start of her problems, as she learns that she's stepped square into a conspiracy for control of Artemis itself—and that now, her only chance at survival lies in a gambit even riskier than the first. 

So I have never read The Martian, but I've heard so many good things about it that when I heard Andy Weir was coming out with a new book, I was very excited. I love all things space and so was very intrigued by the idea of a colony on the moon.

Unfortunately, I could not get into this one at all. I did not even make it to the customary 25% that I try to give a book before marking it a DNF. While I did enjoy the moon colony and the background of it, the writing was stilted. Our main character Jazz, despite being a grown woman, was written like a 15-year-old dude. Frankly, I am sick and tired of men acting like they are unable to write a decent female character without making them overly sexual, or weird, or fetishized in some way.

While I love the concept of Weir's books, I am not sure that I really care to read them.

Andy Weir

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