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Project Inspired {by Nicole Weider}

Project Inspired
Title: Project Inspired: Tips and Tricks for Staying True to Who You Are
Author: Nicole Weider with Kristin Billerbeck
Genre: Religious Nonfiction
No Rating
Source: publisher

Nicole Weider is on a mission: to help young girls avoid the traps that culture sets. The trap that baits you into thinking you must sacrifice your self-worth in order to be beautiful and popular. Nicole launched Project Inspired in 2010 (, a website for teen girls that analyzes pop culture and explores ways girls can live in their authentic beauty.
In Project Inspired, Nicole shares tips for you to stay true to yourself--to how you were created to be--as well as how to dress modestly yet fashionably, how to make a positive difference in the world, and how to enjoy your teen years while standing firm in your faith. With photographs, real behind-the-scenes stories from inside the fashion world, and an honest look at living a life that looks great on the outside and feels great on the inside, Project Inspired is a book you'll turn to time and time again.

Okay, so yeah, this definitely isn't the kind of book I usually pick up. I remember this website when it was just starting, although I haven't been on in years. I've kept up a little with it, though, seeing how much it's grown and how it's evolved. So when I saw the founder had a book out, I decided to give it a try.

Now, I am probably not the target audience for this, as it is aimed more for preteen and teen girls. But I thought it was interesting. The writing is a little simple, but I thought there was actually good information in here. The book covers a variety of topics from fashion and makeup to boys and friends to faith.

There was some, I guess you could say, bias. It is filled with a lot of Nicole's opinions more so than just facts. I felt some things were a stretch (like the Esther analogies in the fashion section... um, what?) but other than that, I think this would be a cute and resourceful book for preteens and young teens. I mean, it basically just is a giant ad for their website, but that's sort of obvious going in. I didn't rate this one because I wouldn't really know how to. I think it would be good for the intended demographic. That's just not me.

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