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Chasing Sunsets {by Karen Kingsbury}
Title: Chasing Sunsets
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Series: Angels Walking #2
Genre: Christian Fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source: publisher
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury comes the second novel in a brand-new series about divine intervention and the trials and triumphs of life; the dramatic story of a woman desperate to find deeper meaning in her life.
Growing up in a comfortable home, Mary Catherine wanted for nothing. Though she loves her wealthy parents, their lifestyle never appealed to her. Instead, Mary Catherine pursues meaning through charity work, giving away a part of herself but never giving away her heart.
Mary Catherine lives in Los Angeles with her roommate, Sami, and volunteers at a local youth center with coach Tyler Ames and LA Dodger Marcus Dillinger. Despite Mary Catherine's intention to stay single, she finds herself drawing close to Marcus, and their budding romance offers an exciting life she never dreamed of. That is, until she receives devastating news from her doctor. News that alters her future and forces her to make a rash decision.
Inspirational and moving, Chasing Sunsets is the story of one woman's deep longings of the soul, and the sacrifices she's willing to make in search of healing.

I loved this one even more than the first book. Although the main characters from Angels Walking, Tyler and Sami, appear in this one, this book focuses more on Sami's roommate Mary Catherine, and Tyler's best friend, Marcus.

We also get a different set of angels this time, Jag and Aspyn. I liked how this story explored some different aspects of the angels, such as how human emotions could affect them, and how they overcame that. I mentioned before that the angels were my favorite part, and that was true for this book too. I think we got to see more of them, and I loved that.

I also loved these characters. Something about Mary Catherine just stuck with me, and I loved her. Not going to lie, she insured me. She believes in living life to the fullest, and is adventurous in a way that I am not. But her full life philosophy doesn't just extend to jumping out of planes. She also believes living life includes making connections with people, and does a lot of charity work and churn
work. Although I did also like Marcus, there were some things that still held me back (like the whole Shelly thing). But still, I liked the two as a pair (or, the pair they could become).

Again, this book wasn't wholly focused on the romance as it was on the other things going on. The gang wars, Marcus's community center, and Mary Catherine's secret of her health. There were many different aspects of this story that kept it interesting, fast-paced, and moving.

This definitely has Kingsbury's signature inspiration and faith-based style, in a new and unique way. I would definitely recommend this series, and will be continuing. I need the next book, like, now.

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