Thursday, February 27, 2014

YA Contemporary Challenge 2014

I know, I know what you guys are thinking. I couldn't possibly need yet another challenge for this year. I'm already doing two as it is. And I realize this. So, let me explain myself.

Contemporary is a fairly new genre for me, but it is quick becoming my favorite. I realized that at some point, the books I was reading was not what I liked anymore. I didn't like paranormal at all anymore (I barely did in the first place) but fantasy was quick losing my attention as well. I was trying to figure out which books I gravitated towards, when I was contemporary. So I'm more using this challenge to discover new contemporary books that I will enjoy.

Second, I'm not exactly challenging myself. I will read and review books like I normally do, without actually thinking about it. Then, each month, in the tab above where I will keep my progress, I will simply list all the contemporaries I read each month, as well as link the review, if I reviewed it. I don't know yet if I will do an actual checkpoint/round-up post every month, or just keep a running list in the tab. It may depend on how many I read, or I may do it every few months instead of each one. I think it will just be interesting to see how many books out of what I read it actually contemporary.

The 2014 YA Contemporary Challenge is hosted by Katie's Book Blog and The Book Belles. There is still time to sign up, if you are so inclined!

(And if you want to see which contemps I've already read and reviewed in February, check the tab above!)

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