Friday, December 20, 2013

{Cover Reveal} Othello

You guys know how much I love retellings, so today I am excited to share the cover for an awesome Shakespeare retelling: Othello by C.E. Wilson.

So without further ado...

Title: Othello
Author: C.E. Wilson
Series: Shakespeare for Everyone Else, #2

Shakespeare’s work features some of the most memorable stories and characters ever created, yet for too many curious readers the combination of ultra-dense dialogue and unfamiliar historical settings make tackling the Bard’s work something between a tedious chore and a confusing mess of bird-bolts and quondam carpet-mongers.
While it’s nearly impossible to replicate or improve on these works, it is (thanks to their timeless nature) possible to make them more accessible to a wider audience.
In this Young Adult retelling of one of William Shakespeare’s most memorable plays, join C.E. Wilson as she breathes new life into Othello, the second book in her series Shakespeare for Everyone Else.

And there you have it! I can tell from the cover that this is going to be a very different and interesting retelling. And it's also nice to get a Shakespeare retelling that isn't Romeo and Juliet.

Check out the first book in the Shakespeare for Everyone Else series:

C.E Wilson

C.E. Wilson is currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and her two dogs and two cats. They are all the loves of her life. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy novels, she enjoys writing short stories on her Deviant Art page. She loves to write stories involving giants and little people (also known as GT) and nothing helps her to write more than Coca-Cola and glazed doughnut holes.

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