Monday, October 6, 2014

Nerd Talks: Top 5 Most Owned Authors

I want to try to do these more discussion type posts more often, since I like to just relax and chat with you guys sometimes. I've seen this go around a bit, I think it was a Top Ten Tuesday post a little while back, but since I don't do TTT, I thought I would just randomly do it now. So let's get to it?

1. Karen Kingsbury {16}

Whew. That's a lot, I know. I've had multiple "Karen Kingsbury phases" where I will just read a whole bunch of her books at once. They come on the bargain aisles at Mardel quite often, so most of these I got for under $5.

2. Ted Dekker {15}

Another author whose books often appear on the bargain aisle at Mardel. But I absolutely love Ted Dekker and his writing. I will admit that I haven't read some of these (although I've read a lot of others). 

3. Rick Riordan {14}

This might be cheating, since my sister and I own these together. (And also I went ahead and put Blood of Olympus on here, since we already pre-ordered it and it comes out tomorrow omgggg). But Riordan is one of my all-time favorite authors forever and always. And this STILL doesn't include the two novellas, some of the Ultimate Guides and Handbooks my sister has, and I think she also has double copies of some of these.

4. Sarah Dessen {11}

I looove Sarah Dessen so much! I finally finished my collection this summer, and I love having allll of her books.

5. Janice Thompson {5}

I love Janice Thompson. The perfect fluffy, romantic reads that I don't read too often, but I'll read anything of hers. Seriously. I love Bella and the gang so much.

I stopped at 5 because after that, I had multiple 4's and then 3's and it didn't really seem worth it. So what are some of your most owned authors?

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