Friday, September 27, 2013

We need to talk...

Don't worry, you're not in trouble.

Nor is this a post to say that I am going to stop blogging or anything of the sort.

I don't feel that we have really been introduced, or that you know exactly what I'm about. So let's change that. 

You see, I am slightly weird. I don't request ARCs. I don't take a lot of author requests. I don't have a review schedule. Really, I do what I want when I want, and that is how I will choose to run this blog for the foreseeable future. 

That is not to sound arrogant, so maybe I should back up a bit here. When I started this blog, I'm not going to lie, I had these dreams and ambitions of becoming a huge blog, of getting all these ARCs and things like that. But blogging is hard. It is hard to stick to a schedule. It is hard to have a release date dictate what you read. And I saw all these bigger blogs getting, well, burned out on the sheer amount of ARCs and requests they had to fulfill, which never let them get to what they wanted to read.

And well, I didn't want that.

I'm not saying I will never request ARCs. I have a few now that I need to review soon. I'm not saying I won't take author requests. (Actually, I probably will take your requests. I didn't mean to scare anyone away.) But you won't see a lot of them on my blog. And yeah, maybe I'm like two years behind on a series that absolutely everyone else has read, but if it was good, then I will still review it.

And yeah, maybe I don't review every single book I read. And you know what? It's a lot easier on my stress level. I get enough of that from college.

But something happened. I started comparing my number of posts per month with other people's number. And they had a lot more than I did. And I started slowly getting sucked in to weekly features and memes. And seeing that number go up and up, well it made me happy. It made me feel accomplished. Until one day, when I was looking through my archives for my latest review, an couldn't really find it because it was hidden between all that...stuff.

I go through my Bloglovin, and I sift through literally hundreds of posts. Most of them cover reveals, book blasts, any number of weekly memes, book tours, author interviews, all sorts of things. But where are the reviews? I'm not against any of those other things, but I want my site to focus on mainly reviews.

So that means we need to make a few changes. That's not to say some things won't be kept the same either.

Keep Short Story Sunday. This is technically a review, albeit in weekly feature form. But as long as I have a short story to review, I will keep this feature.

Keep Tuesday Reviews. Because, well, that's the point.

Keep Waiting on Wednesdays. This meme is bookish enough for me to keep, and I do like it. It helps me keep track of what's coming out soon. So, at least for now, I will keep this.

Add Friday Reviews. Since I would like to focus more on actual reviews, I would really like to go to two reviews a week. I still don't think I can keep up with every book I read, but two is enough for now.

Monthly Roundups: I think I will keep this feature. All the other monthly features I've tried (Monthly Resolutions, Read This Month) will not be continued, but this one will. I will also keep Hauls because I do not do those often. At most, once a month.

Movie Mondays are moving. That's right. I'm not getting rid of them completely. I am just moving them over to my other blog, Life, Laughs, and...Coffee. I do like this feature, but other than the fact that I only picked Book-to-Movie adaptations, it wasn't really a bookish feature. This way, I can keep the feature, and not have to stick to only book-to-movie.

Favorite Tweets of the Week. I know this was a favorite feature for some people, but I am moving it to my other blog as well. I hope you guys understand, and come visit its new home, starting tomorrow.

Discussions. I would like to have some more bookish discussion posts on this blog as well. But we'll see how much I can keep up with first.

Well, that's it. Not too many new changes, but I hope you guys understand.

And if you've made it this far...congrats! 
Here are some more random GIFs for your enjoyment.

Best crossover ever.

If you read those last three together, they actually kinda make sense. He he.


  1. ...are you by any chance on tumblr? because I feel like we'd be great friends.

    1. No, I am not :/ But I'm glad you think so! :)

  2. Thank you for those wonderful gifs. Day=Made

    1. Avengers, and Sherlock, what more do you need? ;) glad I could entertain you :P

  3. I share your feelings on wanting your site primarily focusing on reviews. It's easy to get caught up in memes and such, especially if they bring in the viewers. I'm also reluctant to commit to tours and such, especially if it's not about a book I love. As someone who's very much a mood reader, keeping to a release schedule for ARCS is hard. Sometimes it's good to re-evaluate and re-prioritize to make your blog exactly what you want it to be.