Friday, August 9, 2013

You May Have Noticed Some Changes...

Hey guys! So in the past couple days, I have made quite a few changes on the blog. Some obvious, some not so obvious. So I thought I would just take a moment and collect them all in one post so that you all are aware, as well as credit the wonderful people who made it possible, in case you would like these changes as well!

The most obvious one is our new background, header, and Twitter background. They are all (free!!) from The Cutest Blog on the Block, who has all sorts of free templates, backgrounds, buttons, headers, and other things. I know our new background is very different from our old one, but I like it! It's cute and light, and I sort of love chevron.

We also added a "back to the top" button on the bottom right corner thanks to a tutorial from The Vintage Apple. I think this is such a handy button to have! It's super easy to install, and she does a great job of guiding you through the steps. I would definitely recommend installing one on your own blog!

We actually had these before as well, but I think they're cute too, thanks to this tutorial on adding comment bubble for threaded comments. We only added them to the actual comment section, but there is also a tutorial for adding a comment count bubble to the post titles, if you so desire.
A comment, and its response

Comment bubble added to post title, taken from She Learns As She Goes

We also now have Related Posts at the bottom of each post, thanks to nRelate (and thanks to this article on why you should maybe switch from LinkWithin, which most bloggers use). You can actually customize nRelate with their different options, so that's pretty cool too. They also have some other widgets, like Popular Posts and such.

We also added Pin It buttons to our pictures. If you hover over a picture, a Pin It button will appear on the top right corner. Only clicking on the icon will pin it, clicking anywhere else will take you to where the photo is actually linked, if it has been (usually Goodreads). Thanks to this tutorial from BloggerSentral.

And lastly, we created an Apple Icon, thanks to this super easy tutorial from Creative Kristi. If you have an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, you can go to Safari and add a bookmark, and it will have a cute little icon!

P.S. This was our old icon. Which do you like better?

The back to top arrow, Pin It button, and Apple Icon were created by me using Picmonkey

Thanks for letting me share! Maybe you would like to add some of these features for your blog as well! I will definitely be experimenting more and adding more things, so if you have an comments or suggestions, please share with me!

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